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Do you require a comprehensive set of written Security Policies and Procedures for your company or organisation?

Many organisations have developed Security Policies and Procedures however they are rarely updated or reviewed. On occasions, these documents are on their “to-do” list, but don’t ever seem to complete the job. They often lack the time and resource required to accurately carry out this task, or don’t feel qualified to address the specific areas of security. Invariably, the individual given the responsibility to produce these documents doesn’t even know where to begin or is unfamiliar with Security processes.

We have a structured method to develop policies and procedures for Physical Security. It begins by reviewing the client’s existing security policies and procedures. Some of our clients just don’t know where to start with their Security Program sometimes having little knowledge or nothing to review. There are also clients that have comprehensive policies and procedures, many of which are either out dated or in need of review.

Once an assessment of individual client needs has been completed we create a document that addresses all the topics that should be in Security Policies and Procedures.

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