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What Asset Secure do

Asset Secure offer security and planning services that include;

An independent evaluation of your present Security program. Identify security risks, analysis of your existing security procedures and systems, and development of recommendations for cost-effective ways in which security within your organisation can be improved.

We offer strategies and practices to retailers in relation to Loss Prevention (shrinkage).

These are designed to specifically reduce preventable losses through deliberate or unintended human actions.

Production of comprehensive written security policies and procedures for your company or organisation. Planning of physical and electronic security systems for your assets. Work closely with your staff to help you to create buildings, that are safe and can be cost-effectively managed from a security perspective.

Preparation of Request for Proposal (RFP) documents to enable the competitive procurement of security systems, guard services, and other security-related products and services.

When an emergency strikes in your workplace, the people most likely relied upon to be Building and Floor Wardens will be your workforce.

Having your workforce respond assertively and appropriately can make all the difference to how people react in an emergency situation.


With years of experience in the facilities management sector, we can offer a number of comprehensive service solutions,  to provide bespoke integrated facilities management solutions to fit the unique needs of your business.